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Take English lessons in the morning and participate in a wide range of activities in the afternoon. Activities include sports, art, and excursions as well as a full day Saturday trip. As well as getting to experience some of the UK’s most exciting attractions, students get to practice their language skills outside the classroom.

• Age: 3 and above

• Duration: 2-12 weeks

• Language levels: Beginner to Advanced

• 15 hours of General English per week

• 5 afternoon activities per week

• 24 hour welfare service

• Activities to choose from: Football, Tennis, Dance, Film and more.


General English

• Description: Immerse yourself in the English culture and gain a truly international perspective.

• Why you should choose it: Master your English language skills, both in the classroom and in everyday life.

• Course length: From 5 to 9 months. 

Exam Preparation Course

• Description: These courses are designed to help students to prepare for English exams, including TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, GRE and GMAT.

• Why you should choose it: Focus on exam content and test-taking strategies and tips to maximise your test scores.

• Course length: 2 to 24 weeks.

Specialist English Course

• Description: These courses are for professionals who need to use English in the workplace, including areas such as Business, Medical, Legal, Military, Aviation and more.

• Why you should choose it: Build your English ability and learn to communicate in a work environment. Suitable for student and professionals.

• Course length: From 2 weeks.


Foundation Course

Foundation courses are designed for international students who wish to earn a degree in the UK, but do not meet the entry requirements for an undergraduate programme. The foundation course acts a bridge to fill in the academic and qualification gaps, in preparation for entry to UK university undergraduate degrees. This one-year programme prepares students with a wide range of subjects such as business, engineering, social sciences and more. Generally, IELTS 5.0 with no element under 4.5 is required.

International Year One

Similar to Foundation courses, International Year One is a popular choice for international students who seek to enhance their English language and academic knowledge, prior to enrolling in a Masters degree. A minimum of IELTS 5.5 is required, with no element under 5.0. Upon completion, students will advance to Year 2 of a related degree programme.

Bachelor's Degree

The majority of bachelor degrees usually take 3 years to complete. Students can choose to combine a placement year to gain industrial experience. Generally, UK universities require an IELTS score of 6.5, though this can vary across universities and degrees. UK universities accept a wide range of qualifications. If you are not sure if your qualification is suitable, contact our consultants today.



Pre-Masters is an intensive one-year course designed for international students who need additional English language and academic skills required for their graduate programme. A minimum of IELTS 6.0 is required, with no element under 5.5. After completing a Pre-Masters programme, students will advance to a Masters degree of a related field.


Masters graduates are more likely to be employed in professional and managerial jobs immediately after graduation than a bachelor's degree holder. Statistics show that 97% of full-time graduates are employed six months after graduation. Masters course usually last one or two years, and normally begin in Sept, though some start in January or May.


Taking an MBA in the UK can greatly boost salary, professional reputation and networking opportunities. Students will gain an overview of key business practices, and develop skills in areas such as management, marketing and accounting. Postgraduate courses typically take one year to complete full time, or two years part time - though some programmes take longer.


A Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD/DPhil) is the highest level of degree that a student can achieve. International students will require an undergraduate degree with at least an upper second class honours, or a postgraduate master's degree. A minimum IELTS score of 7.0 is generally required. When applying to study a PhD, students will have to submit a research proposal, presenting the research you wish to undertake, how you will do it, and why it is important. The proposal will be assessed by a panel of experts before accepting the students into the PhD programme.

If you are unsure which courses to choose from or where to study, contact our consultants today!

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