Studying abroad is an exciting time and we realise the importance of finding the right place to live. Therefore, EN Education has built a network of providers across the UK, to ensure that our students will feel safe and comfortable at our high quality accommodation.

There are different options to suit our students' personal needs.

Homestays: An ideal choice for students who wish to improve their English by immersing themselves in British Culture.

Student Hall of Residence: Being in university residences enables you make friends straight away. You will meet a diverse range of people from different backgrounds and cultures, studying a variety of degrees.

Private Student Halls: Normally located outside campus. It offers a similar package to University-run-Halls, which include bills, Internet access and laundry facilities.

Private Rental: This is suitable for groups or students with families, who would like to have their own home.

Please contact us at to find out more about all the accommodation options that we provide.


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