We are EN Education!


Leading education consultancy helping international institutions and assisting students to enhance their experience and achieve their maximum potential at the best institutions.

About EN Education - study abroad provider

We are EN Education

Why choose us for your studies and experience abroad?


EN Education has been providing consultancy to international institutions for over 18 years. This is how we offer a wide range of services including staff training, marketing and accreditations. Also, we help organisations building partnerships to enhance their presence on the global market. Moreover, universities and other education providers can benefit from EN’s developed network to reach world class students.

Besides that, we are dedicated to deliver comprehensive services that help students enhance their study abroad experience. Thus, people from across the world can benefit from outstanding opportunities for development.

Our global presence enables us to develop durable partnerships with education providers, as prestigious universities and companies worldwide. This gives the opportunity for students from across the globe to reach their objectives by achieving their potential.

Furthermore, EN Education works at all education levels, from boarding school to postgraduate study. We pride ourselves in the care given to our students.  This is why we offer and develop a full range of services. We provide to students and people willing to live a once in a lifetime experience, the tools to find the programme that suits them the best. They need support while abroad and this is why we follow them all their stay long. 

Most importantly our objective is to enable people to study in the field of their dreams. We help them reach their educational objectives and spend unforgettable times discovering new cultures and disciplines. 

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